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*** DISCLAIMER: Amancia Quinn Beaumont is a fictional character created by Jolie Marrett (hailhayl on tumblr). She is a fandomless original character protagonist and a modern day royal in a novel that is currently being written by Jolie, as an experiment Jolie is roleplaying with her to test and see how the character behaves in different situations, fandoms and universes. ***

Amancia's Biography

Amancia Quinn Beaumont was born in Tempton, Dacénova, April 8th 1990 to Duke & Duchess Elliott & Calianeé Beaumont.

The Beaumonts are the 2nd in line to the throne due to King & Queen Frank & Annaleigha never having children, not out of choice, it just so happened both parties revealed they had fertility problems. It was custom for the children of the King & Queen to live among the members of the public until the age of 18. Their identity would stay unknown to the public too, so they could live normally amongst others. An old custom tradition to ensure that the next in line to the throne would have been able to rule with empathy and compassion for those who weren’t fortunate enough to be in their situation.

However since Frank & Annaleigha didn’t produce an heir naturally and adopted the children lived in the castle with them. Both Frank and Annaleigha mutually decided that they wouldn’t fate the children to all the rules and regulations that came with taking the throne. So they pre-set a date to hand the duties over to the Beaumonts and abdicate their roles.

Elliot and Calianeé finally were coronated in 1992, and due to the traditions, before then they had kept Amancia out of the public eye due to them knowing once they were crowned she would have been taken away to live amongst the people. Just a week into them being crowned the two year old Princess was taken with a royal nanny, De'Andrea, ‘Dee’ to live in the heart of the small country, Freinstaire under a fake last name of ‘Britton’.

A week after her 18th birthday she was taken back to Tempton, was then made aware of her truest identity and began training so she knew all the royal customs, hierarchies, members of the family, her upline and her downline, how she should conduct herself, her duties, how to prepare for events, how to put on and host events, as well as her charity work, and determining where her charitable attention would lie.

Amancia also went into higher education, studying Business Management, the course also had modules including Marketing & Advertising. She chose that subject so she could help build more businesses and jobs in their small country to try and help out the poverty stricken areas of their land, creating businesses and jobs to build the economy. Not only did she graduate with a 1st, but she went on to gain a 1st in her Masters too and has already set up 3 businesses in the south side of the country, creating jobs for over 3,000 people.

Amancia stepping up as Queen came alot sooner when her father took sick, her mother deciding she wanted to dedicate the rest of their time together to looking after him. So Amancia took her place and was coronated and became Queen at age 22.

She is now 27, had has been ruling Dacénova for the past 5 years with no king and no heir in sight. However she knows she has a duty to her country to keep the bloodline going, after her she knows things would get complicated for their small land if she didn't make sure there was someone was there to take her place eventually.

Amancia Facts:

  • Amancia is an Aries.
  • Her Myers-Briggs Personality type is ENFP
  • Amancia is 5’3.
  • Amancia is pronounced 'Ah-mahn-see-ah'.
  • She was an intelligent and diligent student.
  • From ages 15 - 18 she would sneak out to go to house parties with her friends from school.
  • She drives all white Tesla [[1]].
  • She loves travelling.
  • She has a white Maltese Poodle named Hershey, and yes, he gets a lot of kisses from her.
  • She played the national sport of Tennis throughout her high school years.
  • Amancia Loves Karaoke parties.
  • Her favorite cocktail is a Long Island Iced Tea.
  • She enjoys ruling. She doesn't enjoy all the work.
  • Her biggest passion is the children of Docénova, she believes they are the future so the majority of their money is used advancing school and bettering communities for them.
  • She’s patient with those she loves, but when it comes to business she has almost little to no remorse
  • She can horseback ride, she hates it, but had to learn due to traditions and customs.
  • She loves musicals.
  • Amancia is very much a feminist and the majority of her staff are strong women she appointed to work alongside her.
  • Her male staff are her bodyguards and caterers.
  • She loves to box as a way to keep fit and active.
    Amancia frequently gets in trouble for not following all the modest regulations for her wardrobe. She does however enjoys wearing all of the gowns to events.
  • Amancia developed a bad case of anxiety and depression upon returning to that Castle and her training at 18. She had trouble adjusting and has fortnightly visitations with her therapist to make sure she stays in a good headspace.
  • Amancia is extremely independant, even to a fault.
  • Amancia can play the piano and sometimes plays alongside the Royal Orchestra at events.
  • She is heavily involved with the Orphanages and Animal shelters.
  • She is closer to Dee rather than her birth parents though she loves them all equally.
  • She makes sure Dee lives more than comfortably now that she's in the position to pay her back for raising her.
  • Amancia is avoiding finding the perfect suitor to marry and rule with.
  • Amancia has a tendency to go 'missing' for a weeks at a time, as she likes to travel without assistance and the extra bodies following her.

Dacénova Facts:

Dacénova is a fictional country based off of Vatican City.

  • Dacénova, for the most part, has hot weather.
    Dacénova's Flag
  • Dacénova is pronounced 'dah-seh-noh-vah'.
  • Dacénova is a little country located between England & France.
  • The mother tongue is French, it’s compulsory in schools to learn English too, most native speak both.
  • The legal age is 18 in Dacénova.
  • You can drive at 16 in Dacénova
  • Dacénova has a population of 43,000 people.
  • The currency they use is Euros €.
  • Dacénova is famous for its metals, most of its money comes from their hand in providing sustainable nuts and bolts for the airplanes during WW1 & WW2.
    Dacénova is based off of Vatican
  • In later years their contributions helped with further aircrafts, boats, and many a monumental statue.
  • The keys on their flag symbolizes the fact that the create the keys to many cities.
  • Dacénova is the 8th most visited tourist spot in the world.
  • Over 50 million tourists visit Dacénova every year.
  • Tennis is most popular sport in Dacénova.
  • Dacénova in the 3rd smallest country in the world.
  • Despite being a country Dacénova is very wealthy and has a high life expectancy.
    Amancia Quinn Beaumont Wiki-0
  • The capital of Dacénova is Freinstaire.
  • Dacénova has some of the highest standards of living in the world.
  • The national fruit is the Guinep(also known as 'Spanish Lime').
  • The national flower is a Peony.
  • The national bird Swallow-tailed hummingbird
  • Its custom to curtsey and kiss the hands of men who enter the Palace.
Dacénova is based off of Vatican City
  • Due to some weakness in the Palace's structure the Palace was slowly knocked down section at a time and rebuilt throughout 2012-2014. Amancia had input in the new design.
  • You drive on right side of the road in Dacénova.
  • Dacénova has two beaches; Aferma Beach & Constanoia Beach.
  • The national dish is Ropa Vieja, (shredded flank steak in a tomato sauce base), black beans, yellow rice, plantains and fried yuca with beer.

The Royal Palace

Dacénovas Royal Palace is a fictional place and is based off of The Royal Palace of Madrid.

  • Due to some weakness in the Palace's structure the Palace was slowly knocked down section at a time and rebuilt throughout 2012-2014. Amancia had input in the new design.
  • The Palace was originally built in the 1600's.
  • It has been redesigned since then thrice.
  • There are basements.
  • There are 4 safe rooms.
  • All together the Palace has 24 bedrooms.
  • There are 10 bathrooms and 5 ensuites.
  • There are 4 ballrooms.
  • There are 6 kitchens.
  • There are 8 surrounding gardens.
  • There are 2 indoor pools.
  • There have been 7 fires in the Palace to date.
  • The Palace was originally built in the 1600's.
  • There are underground tunnels that the public are unaware of.

For more images of the Palace and grounds look here.

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